Have you noticed yourself running after success, after fulfillment? after fortune?? Soon as I wake up, I rush through my prayers in order to get my hands into the days activities. As I work on the first task, I observe my mind and my feel my entire system looking forward to finishing it in order to get to the next one, and same thing happens to the next and so on until I get to the end of the day already thinking of what is in store for me tomorrow and how far away am I still from success!!

What do I get?..Muscle Pain and Stress!

Until after my summer vacation recently. I rediscovered finding and spending quiet time daily. I’ve marked a short quiet time each day after each work day to read  on interesting books or topics and a half day quiet time within the week where I study how to improve my work performance, evaluate my values, plan for growth.

What do I achieve?..Direction and Focus!!

And these past two weeks after I got back, I did  my morning prayers and  engaged myself fully in every task putting all my mind and energies into each as if it were the only thing that matters at that very moment.

What am rewarded with?  a sense of fulfillment throughout the day!


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