MAIN TASK Wash clothing, bed & bath linen, Table linen, house linen (sofa covers, curtains). Send items for dry cleaning, hand wash delicate fabric
CLEANING TASK Laundry area, staff room, staff kitchen, Collect soiled clothes/linen. Assist house girl daily in cleaning entrance, courtyard – dusting of furniture, wiping glass walls, decors. Clean staff bathroom (Monday, Tuesday)
OTHER TASKS Wash dishes after family meals, assists in serving at meals* always be ready to help others when listed tasks is completed.
6:00 Rise. Freshen Up. Wear proper UNIFORM
6:30 Cleaning of assigned area – sweep, vacuum or dust furniture
7:30 Saff Breakfast
8:30 Collect soiled laundry, begin laundry tasks.
12:00 Staff Lunch. Assist in cleaning up kitchen: wash dishes. Personal Time
3:00 Odd cleaning jobs while laundry is drying. Continue Laundry and Ironing Tasks
6:30 Dinner. Assist in kitchen clean up.
7:30 Continue Ironing tasks
10:30 Lights Out
DAILY Collect and sort items to be washed or ironed for the day. Start machine on linen laundry days. Begin laundry following proper laundry procedures.  Handwashing of delicate clothesClean laundry area- dust shelves/cabinets, wipe walls and mop/sanitize floors. Put order in area.
Tues, Thurs, Sat Ironing days
Wed and Sat Machine wash Bedlinen (Saturdays) and bath towels (Wed, Sat). Dry and fold
Wednesday& Sat Change bath towels
Every Saturday Wash comforters, bedsheets, pillow cases and fitted sheets
Siguraduhing walang laman ang mga bulsa ng mga pantalon at damit bago labhan. Check pockets of clothing articles. 
Tahiin muna ang punit o butas bago ito labhan upang maiwasan ang tuluyang pagkasira nito. Repair torn clothing before washing.
Alisin muna ang mantsa sa tela bago ito labhan. Basahin ang Pagtanggal ng Mantsa. Spot wash stains on clothes before washing.
Sundin ang takdang dami ng sabon panglaba.  Use sufficient / correct amounts of laundry supplies
Tunawing mabuti ang detergent bago ilagay ang labada upang maiwasan ang mga puting mantsa. Dilute powder detrget in water before use to prevent staining clothes.
Baligtarin paloob ng damit upang maiwasan ang pagkupas ng tela. Wash clothes inside out.
Always be clean & neat. Wash hands often. Neatly combed hair, proper uniform at home
SMILE AND BE HAPPY. Always greet Good morning/afternoon/evening. Say thank you, welcome and please
MALASAKIT SA PAMILYA AT SA KAPWA.  Kung may makitang pwedeng gawin,gawin ito kahit wala sa listahan
PAALALA. Ang pagtanggap ng sariling bisita sa kapamahayan ay hindi pinahihintulutan.
DAY OFF is weekly, from 10:00AM

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